10 answers to questions about Torrevieja

what is torrevieja like

10 answers to questions about Torrevieja


The city of Torrevieja is very famous but many people make us questions about Torrevieja and here you have 10 answers to questions about Torrevieja


Which province is Torrevieja in?

Torrevieja is located in the province of Alicante in southeast Spain. Alicante belongs to the Valencian community with is formed by Alicante, Valencia en Castellon province. 

Is a costal town 50 km from Alicante city, just 3 km from Orihuela Costa, 15 km to Benijofar, 30 from Orihuela City 40km to the airport of Alicante, 40km to Elche and 10km to Guardamar del Segura

There are certain competencies that are delegated to the government of Valencia, such as education, health and property taxes.

Torrevieja is a very popular Spanish town located on the coast of the province of Alicante in Costa Blanca east of Spain. It has around 82.842 ( 2021) people living permanently. The extension of his municipal is more than 71 km 2.

I have 91 % of humidity and have an average of 18 degrees ( 64,4 Fahrenheit) per year.

Due to his extension, a lot of urbanization was built around and the people living in summer can reach 350.000.


Why is Torrevieja so cheap?

Because they are no big industry like in the north, no big corporation like in Madrid or Barcelona so the lands the prices are still cheap. 

It is a fact that where there is a lot of industry, prices are more expensive, but also because of the number of people.

Also because of the way of life. The main activity is tourism and services, and the prices for everything are still cheaper than in the rest of Spain. In Torrevieja, you can still eat in a restaurant for 10 € on the menu.


What’s Torrevieja like?

what is torrevieja like

Torrevieja is a coastal town and is a typical Mediterranean village bathed by the calm mediterranean sea in the south of Costa Blanca.

It has 2 salt lakes and a port to export that salt to many the USA and countries which has a cold winter. Torrevieja has 3 marinas or nautical ports.

The water park Aquopolis is open in summer for all the family.


Is Torrevieja worth visiting

Of course and for any reason, the main one is the whether with 18 degrees average all year and more than 30o days of sun. Amazing isn’t it?

Having a glass of wine in the sun at 12 o’clock in December is a pleasure not to be missed. The promenade in front of the sea is my favourite, walking around and eating something on a terrace of the many restaurants Torrevieja has.

Torrevieja extension is very big and is plenty of little urbanization around with all the facilities close by. The centre is better to not go by car as Torrevieja is an old fisher village and the street is smaller than a big city. Is better to park the car outside and go walking to the centre.

Many European people live in Torrevieja, why because of their hall care and the sun in the winter. Is a fact that the weather benefits the health and living a healing life will make you feel better.


Torrevieja what to do

10 answers to questions about Torrevieja

They are many things you can do in Torrevieja all regarding pleasure and entertainment. They are 3 ports or Marina to enjoy nautical sports, a jet skis attraction, rental boats, etc

The main jewel of Torrevieja is the salt-lake and its industry. Also the 3 nautical ports, It has a water park Aquopolis, a big commercial centre.

You can walk along the coast on its front sea promenade. Have coffee on a nice terrasse, do sport.

Torrevieja is the topical coastal city in the southeast of Spain with 3 nautical ports. Torrevieja 

has the particularity of having a salt lagoon from where salt is extracted to be exported to the countries that need it. You can take a guided tour to the salt pans of Torrevieja.

The centre is plenty of activities with bars, restaurants, promenades, shops, etc It has a nice long promenade front line the sea.


Is Torrevieja a nice place to live

Torrevieja is not only the town centre but the surroundings. 

Actually, Torrevieja has very nice places to live, like Los Balcones, Punta Prima, La Mata, La Torreta, etc

Of course, it depends on you but they are a lot of people who buy in Torrevieja and its surrounding. The theatre, the 3 ports, the water park, the salt lake, the beaches, the commercial centre, and the weather, with more than 300 days per year of sunshine is one good excuse to buy and live in Torrevieja. 

Torrevieja has plenty of activities and think to do but also to relax and chill.

They are also many little town live around Torrevieja like San Miguel, Los Montesinos, La Mata or little cities like Benijofar , Guardamar del Segura or the very famous Ciudad Quesada.

Also Orihuela Costa is the close by Torrevieja, with its 3 golf course, Villamartin, Campoamor golf and Las Ramblas.

Torrevieja property for sale

apartment for sale in Torrevieja Spain

The real state market is very active and actually is the engine of the economy of Torrevieja. For builders but also for notaries, solicitors, accountants, banks, engineers, architects, electricians, plumbers, furniture shops, etc

They are plenty of resales or new build properties for all budgets from 60.000€ to 3.000.000€

Here we present to you some of our new build properties for sale in Torrevieja. 

The Alicante airport is the nearest airport to Torrevieja, You can go from the national road N332 of the motorway Ap7. They have a bus line and taxi going regularly to/ from the Alicante airport. But you have another airport in Murcia not so busy but we think cheaper to go.


Torrevieja is a very cosmopolitan

10 answers to questions about Torrevieja

In 1982 Torrevieja has around 15.000 people living in, nowadays Torrevieja has 82.000 people living regularly in Torrevieja. Due to his land extension, they are much urbanization around and this is why in summer Torrevieja can reach 350.000 people. 

Many Spanish from Madrid and the north of Spain and North Europe have a property in Torrevieja, and enjoy it in summer but also in June September or October.

Before the 2000s Torrevieja was considered a village but now we can call Torrevieja a city. A Mayor called Pedro Hernandez Mateo pushed Torrevieja to be a big city ( this is a town with more than 50,000 people) and give in the past incentive to come to live in Torrevieja.

Also, Torrevieja is near Orihuela Costa with is a very popular place built around the golf course of Villamartin.

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