July 2018


Looking to buy in Spain?

Daily Market Outlook Monday, July 30th GBP The Pound stayed in recent ranges last week as it waited for this week’s BoE inflation report and interest rate decision. The market gives a decent probability of a rate hike with the logic being two pronged. Firstly, that UK's central bank is forward looking in its inflation outlook and with unemployment at 4.2% it can reasonably expect average wage...

image Démarches à faire pour acheter une maison en Espagne

Steps to take to buy a house in Spain

Here are all the steps to take to buy a house in Spain: Registration fees, notary, NIE, electricity and water contract, taxes to pay, lawyer fees, bank account. Here are all the steps you need to take to buy a house in Spain. We have signed! Once you have found your dream house in Spain you usually start by reserving the house by paying a sum to the builder by visa card or bank transfer (between...

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