3 Places worth visiting on the Costa Blanca

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image 3 Places worth visiting on the Costa Blanca

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Dipping your toes in Torrevieja´s pink lake

A pink lake? Absolutely, and you really don’t have to travel outside of Spain to see this extraordinary natural wonder. In fact, you will find this pink salt lake on the Spanish Costa Blanca. To be more specific near the city of Torrevieja. Wondering what it is about? then read the article below:

If you´re crazy about lake views and the colour pink this place is a match made in heaven for you! Enjoy dipping your toes in the surprisingly warm water and take in the wide view of the pink lagoon. This pink giant will definitely amaze you and after spending some time floating in the salt water you will feel totally relaxed.

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Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja National Park consists of two salt lakes. La salina de Torrevieja is 1,400 hectares and has a total length of 5.5 kilometres. The lake’s high salt content makes it an ideal habitat for microscopic algae, which are the cause of the lake’s pink colour. The salt lake has a medicinal effect for people with, for example, rheumatism or skin disorders, on which a mud bath or a dip in the salty lake has a positive effect.

North of the pink lake lies salina de La Mata a 700 hectares blue lake that is the habitat of numerous flamingos. Near this blue lake there is an information centre of the National Park, where you can learn more about salt extraction in this region.

By the way, la salina de Torrevieja is not the only salt lake in the world with the unnatural colour pink. In Australia you will find the pink Lake Hillier, you can admire Lac Retba in Senegal and also on Bonaire the pink salt lakes are a real attraction.


– if you are planning on taking a swim in the lake, make sure to pack a bottle of water to rinse off the salt left on your body afterwards.


Take a boat to Spain’s smallest populated Island Tabarca

Freakish rocks, irresistible views, dreamlike streets to wander, colourful houses, cute little boats, sweet-smelling flowers and lots of paellas! These are the ingredients for a day on the former pirate island Tabarca.

After more than an hour sailing from the port of Alicante with the salty sea breeze in your face, you stumble upon the island of Tabarca. The views are breathtaking, flowers everywhere, azure blue sea, a lighthouse, coloured houses and an old fort, formerly a hiding place for pirates.


image 3 Places worth visiting on the Costa Blanca


In the inhabited part of the island, which in the off-season has about 60 inhabitants, you can find some cosy terraces at the central square. This is an ideal place where you can relax and enjoy something to drink and relish on the island’s speciality paella! After your lunch, you can stroll along the fortress wall of the island and enjoy some amazing scenery. Tabarca is only 1,800 metres long and 400 metres wide.

One of the greatest treasures of this island is its spectacular crystal-clear waters. In 1986 it was declared a Marine Reserve (the first in Spain) which makes it an ideal place for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. In front of the beach, in Paseo Miguel Ángel Blanco is the interesting Museo Nueva Tabarca in which a tour of two rooms can contemplate the outstanding aspects of this islands heritage, history, as well as the biodiversity of its waters. It is worth the visit, in addition, the staff are charming and willing to provide any information to the visitors at all times.


Go inland and experience Guadalest

During your stay on the Costa Blanca you can also explore the mountainous inlands. For example, to discover the castle called “Castell de Guadalest”, an elevated fortress on imposing rocks just 20 km from the coast. This historical heritage of the Costa Blanca, began in the 11th century.

The medieval village and the former fortress of Guadalest are built on a steep mountain. Especially the bell tower on top of the mountain is a beautiful picture! But perhaps even more beautiful is the view of the emerald green reservoir and the valley of Guadalest.


image costa blanca


Guadalest is known for its beautiful castle, but this small village, no larger than 1,000 inhabitants, has many surprises! Besides the renowned San José Castle, which puts Guadalest in the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain, there are also several museums and several hiking trails.

There are as many as nine museums that are very versatile, such as the museum Micro-Gigante, with sculptures in different sizes, or the medieval museum, with perfectly maintained objects. And as for the hiking trails, you can take a one-and-a-half kilometer trip from Guadalest to the village of Castell de Castells. The route runs along a reservoir, which offers a magnificent view.


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