5 family activities in Benidorm

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image 5 family activities in Benidorm

Here we present 5 family activities in Benidorm


Benidorm, the popular resort on the Costa Blanca, is ideal for families. There are many reasons for this. In addition to the beautiful, secure sandy beaches, there are plenty of theme parks for a day of family fun, a tourist bus showing the main attractions, a small train along the coast and wonderful boat trips.

There are also a lot of fun things to do for children. And even if they are picky eaters, there are plenty of restaurants with international cuisine that also serve pizza and pasta, for example.

We put together a Top Ten Family Activities in Benidorm for you!

1. Terra Mitica

Do you like to defy gravity or hang upside down at dizzying heights? Or do your kids love it so much?!

Then Terra Mitica is for you! This amusement park offers some of the best rides in Europe, including Inferno, where you can ride upside down or spin around like a ball at 60 km per hour, and the Phoenix flight, with a row of seats in which the unexpected lightning-fast descent gives you a kick, or the “Titanide”, a reverse roller coaster. Or how about the Synkope wheel, which swings at 90 km per hour at an angle of 120º and 35 metres high in the air!

If you’re not so keen on such an adrenaline rush, there are of course attractions that do it gently. The park is divided into different areas – Iberia Park, Egypt, Rome and Greece – to return to the time of the gladiators, the Greek gods and the titans. There are also spectacular shows such as street theatre, beautiful dance and flamenco with Andalusian horses.



2. Terra Natura en Aqua Natura

Tigers, elephants, screeching monkeys, hissing snakes, bearded lizards, predatory birds, buffaloes and rhinos are just some of the exotic animals that can be admired in the Terra Natura wildlife park.

The park is designed to mimic the natural habitat of the animals and to give visitors a feeling of few barriers between the wildlife and themselves.

Special and informative shows including feeding the elephants and the predatory bird show, show fun aspects of these animals. There are also donkey rides (on weekends).

There are more than 1,500 animals in the park, including a number threatened with extinction, as well as 2,500 trees, shrubs and plants.

It’s a great day out for all ages, where you can learn about animals from all over the world while enjoying their skills and pranks. Especially the monkeys are real entertainers, for example when they skilfully swing between the trees with their continuous high tones!

Just next door is the refreshing Aqua Natura water park. Both parks can be combined and make this trip doubly worthwhile, and with a combination ticket, you can save money.


image 5 family activities in Benidorm

3. Levante beach

The beaches of Benidorm are the top attractions and that’s no wonder! They are long strips of golden sand over which the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean wash back and forth, the perfect source of entertainment for all ages!

The Levante beach is particularly popular. Holidaymakers can enjoy the view of the island of Benidorm. With your back to the sea, you get a panoramic view over the impressive skyscrapers of Benidorm and the mountains.

The boulevard offers a wide choice of cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy a refreshing drink, a nice ice cream or a meal overlooking the sea. Throughout the day there are menus and special offers for drinks and live entertainment.

This is a Blue Flag beach, with lifeguards during the summer months. Water skiing, wakeboarding and other water sports are also possible (at Cable-Ski), 100 metres from the Levante beach, from April to October.


image 5 family activities in Benidorm


4. Oldtown Benidorm

In the bustling old town, you can still feel a touch of traditional Spain, in the narrow streets and charming squares full of shops, bars and restaurants. There’s everything for sale, from designer clothes to fake but cheap football shirts at market stalls.

The old town is a great place to stroll along with the shops or enjoy a meal outside on a terrace, where you can also watch all the Benidorm visitors walk by.

In the covered market, you can buy fresh fish, homemade sausage, cheese, vegetables and fruit at better prices than in supermarkets.

In and around Calle Santo Domingo there are traditional tapas bars, where you can taste Spanish snacks such as squid, meatballs, spicy sausage, ham or cheese for a few euros.



5. The ‘Balcón’ and panoramic views of the castle

The iconic castle has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful in Spain, so it’s well worth stopping there while visiting the old town.

You can simply stroll along the boulevard on the Levante beach in the direction of the old town, taking in the famous Balcón del Mediterraneo and a beautiful view of the castle. You’ll get a panoramic view of the Levante and Poniente beaches as well as the colourful apartment buildings of Benidorm.

image 5 family activities in Benidorm

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