Advantages of buying a new home

Advantages of buying a new home in Spain


Thinking of buying a modern house or flat in Spain? There are three ways to buy a new build house: off-plan, under construction or built. Each option has its own advantages. Here we tell you, in our opinion, the advantages of buying a new home in Spain.


Buying a new property off-plan is cheaper


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Indeed, all customers want a house built, but why? Because they want to see what they are buying. But obviously,
it is a fact that when the developer starts a project, he sets X prices, but when the house is finished, the prices are X + Y.

At the beginning of the project, the developer does not know if he will sell the project, and they are always more flexible with prices and forms of payment.

Usually, the developer has a sample house to visit, and you buy the same house with the same quality only on a different plot. So in principle, you know what you are buying.

You can choose the plot, the orientation and the square meters.


Avantage d'acheter une nouvelle maison

In Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, Click for the sun offers you projects from the best builders in the area. These projects typically have several properties for sale; usually, the exact property to build on, only the plot, orientation and square letters change.

If you are the first one, you can choose. Usually, the quickest properties are the best. South facing, 3 bedrooms, etc.


The distribution of a new property is infinitely better than a second-hand house.


Avantage d'acheter une nouvelle maison

If you can afford it, the distribution of the new building is much better, in fact, it is not a question of square footage but of distribution. Modern houses have large windows that open onto the outside (remember, we are in Spain). The interior living space is very comfortable compared to the old house. The key is to be able to see all your private space at a glance.


You can customize your favourite


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If the house is not built you can do what you want. Some builders are less flexible on modifications and others are open to all modifications from the beginning. Change the colour of the tiles, or make the room bigger. Building a sunroom, a solarium, a storage room or a swimming pool are all things you can choose from.


Yes, indeed the prices have increased


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Indeed, the price of new construction in Spain has increased by 17%, but where not? 25 % in Uk, 13% in Belgium 8% in France

By investing today, you make money because next year’s prices will also increase. So if you sign the contract to buy a house to be built today and finished in a year, you will earn all the price increases.

Let us know if you want to visit properties in Spain without compromise.

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