Buy a house in Spain off-plan?

Did you know that one of the best ways to buy a house in Spain at a good price is to buy a house off plan? Nowadays, many areas of Spain are dotted with thousands of housing estates where it is possible to find houses or flats on plan at a good price.

To make your search as fruitful as possible, at CLICK FOR THE SUN we present you our new houses and flats on plan at the best price. Take a look at our proposal and buy your first house in Spain while saving money.

To avoid risks, it is advisable to follow the following advice when buying a house in Spain off-plan:

     – Always take a lawyer in Spain who speaks French. This is not compulsory but recommended.

     – Get to know the developer and his background. You need to know who is selling you the house. If it is a developer, it is advisable to check if they have experience in the sector, if they are solvent or if they own the land on which they are going to build the houses. At CLICK FOR THE SUN we can advise you on this aspect.

    – Read and re-read the contract carefully. Although it may seem obvious, read carefully the private contract that will be signed with the constructor. Check the clauses and ask any questions you may have. The contract will be notarised when the keys are handed over to the owner. 

    – Have a copy of the plans and the quality brief. Ask the developer for the plans and the quality brief of the property when you sign the contract. This way you will be able to prove any unilateral changes made by the developer.

    – The correct price and date. It is necessary that the documents provided by the developer include the final price of the property, including VAT, and the exact date of handover. To avoid surprises, never accept a document with approximate dates.

  – Payments should always be made through your bank. The developer must open an account that can only be used for construction expenses. This is where you should make your payments by bank transfer, for security.

   – Require a bank guarantee for the construction, in order to guarantee all amounts brought in by the future owner. In this way, you are assured of the compensation that will allow you to recover the money you paid for the property.

At Click for the Sun you are guaranteed to have property projects on the southern Costa Blanca and Costa Calida built by the best builders.


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