Buying a house in Spain: 6 important tips

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Buying a house in Spain is a very important decision.


Confidence is the key to making buying a house in Spain a reality. In the Costa Blanca or Costa Calida, make it happen with Click for the Sun

This is why we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of a good real estate consultant in Spain who speaks English.

To help you and accompany you throughout the process of buying a property in Spain.

We then explain the 6 steps in which a good estate agent can help you.

It is worthwhile, in such an important investment, to spend time to choose the best professional on the spot. This to say

Your criteria for buying a new property in Spain

– What house do you need: a real estate professional can help you choose the house you really need.

You may have an idea in mind, but if you put yourself in the hands of a good agent, it will help you discover the house you need and that suits you. However

For this to happen, it is important that you are honest and sincere about your criteria: where you are thinking of buying in Spain.

What size house you need and how much is your budget.

These three characteristics are fundamental: location, size and price.

Click for the sun is an expert in new construction and can guide you in finding your new home in Spain.

– Analyze your criteria and research the new home market in Spain: a good professional.

He can guide you on the price of the area, which you may not know from your own experience and on the different steps to take. For example

Not knowing the area is a handicap for you, the language barrier.

And above all, not knowing the different builders/developers can be a barrier to taking the step to buy in Spain.

Click for the sun is your real estate advisor in Spain who speaks englsih and is specialized in helping English speaking clients to buy your dream property in Spain.

Your real estate advisor in Spain

– With a specialist agency for new construction in Spain, you can get a better price: a real estate consultant is, nowadays.

The best ally of the buyer and can fight with the developer to get more extra in your purchase.

With Click for the Sun you buy directly from the builder/developer with all legal and construction guarantees.

Our experience allows us to make the process much easier for you.

Service from A to Z

– Management of all documents: buying a house is not just about signing and that’s it.

There is a lot of paperwork, bureaucracy and administration that is not always easy.

A good real estate advisor will accompany you and manage the whole buying process.

For the vast majority of buyers, this is your first contact in your life with Spain.

Check that the property has all the necessary building permits and that the land belongs to the builder/developer, until it is free of any charges.

The property is registered with the ten year guarantee and “El final de Obra” (Architect’s certificate of completion) and the seller is in fact the one selling it.

The other documents are the management of debts, the energy certificate, the house is up to date in the payment of taxes and community.

The responsible declaration to present to the town hall, obtain the water and electricity contracts. Before all

Mortgage loan to buy a house in Spain

– Choose well the mortgage financing: some buyers need a bank financing to get the house of their dreams. Certainly

Knowing the whole mortgage offer in Spain is a hard and tedious job.

What is better at fixed or variable type? How many years?

Getting a good real estate expert to help you choose the best mortgage for your profile can make all the difference between being able to buy the house or not. However

“Professional advice on getting the best mortgage can save you a lot of money.

It can be so critical that it will be crucial for you to actually buy the house.

Good estate agents play a vital role in liaising with clients and banks.

In addition, they save you a lot of paperwork and headaches”, later

Make your purchase in Spain a reality with Click for the Sun

– The day arrives: a notice. If you’ve already found your home, agreed the price, confirmed that all the paperwork is in order.

And you’ve negotiated the mortgage, everything is ready to be signed. In the same way

In most cases, the moment of the sale at the notary’s office is a simple and fast process if your real estate expert in Spain works with a good notary. After

The Spanish notary knows him and gives him preferential treatment which will be very useful. It is important

But if a problem arises and you do not have someone who knows the process of buying a house in Spain.

And who will help you, you may feel rushed, as you will not know how to proceed or what steps to take.

Entering the notary’s office in Spain for the first time to sign your property purchase in Spain.

In short, it is like playing a risky sport. It is better to have someone around who knows how to act in case of problems.

And then what? We all think that the signing of the notary puts an end to the sale process.

But in reality, it’s not like that.

You still have to register the deed, pay the taxes, take possession of the house, register the water and electricity contracts.

Open a bank account in Spain and make the necessary direct debits, register the house with the land registry, pay the non-resident taxes, install the internet, TV in French.

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