Buying a house off-plan or built?

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Buying a house off-plan or built?


Many clients ask themselves the same question: To buy a house off-plan or built?

It is a fact that buying a house in Spain is an important and serious decision.

All our clients want to find the perfect home and it is certain that with our agency in Spain Click for the sun you have many possibilities to find it. However, the rational aspect is also very important for your choice.

Here we give you some advice to make your decision whether to buy a house on plan or built:

Advantages of buying a house off-plan

An off-plan house is cheaper

First of all, the main advantage of buying a house in Spain off-plan is that all flats or houses sold off-plan are cheaper than built houses.

Indeed, this is logical because everyone wants to see a house built. It is rare to find people who can see what their future home will be like without seeing it. Interpreting a plan is often difficult.

A little advice: visit some show houses. In general, house builders in Spain base their houses more or less the same. Why, it is cheaper to make a project with all houses equal than different. The houses in the corner can vary but not the houses in the centre. Or the houses are like mirrors.

The orientation or exterior space can change but not the interior space in general.

You can choose

When the project is on plan, there are still many houses available and you can choose the best locations, the best orientation, the house with the most outdoor space,

Choose the colours of the materials.

Indeed, when the site is under construction, the builder allows you to change the colours of the floor, the colours of the kitchen furniture, the doors and even the colour of the walls. Many times without a blow to you.

Changing the interior plans

On the other hand, you can change the interior layout or build a storage room, a garage, a laundry room or a storage room. Not only is this an advantage for your criteria but also for your wallet. The vat for doing this before signing at the notary’s office is 10%, but the vat for doing this after signing at the notary’s office is 21%.

Advantages of buying in a built house

Visiting your favourite property

The main advantage is that you can see exactly what your house will look like, without any surprises. You can see how the house looks and whether it meets your requirements. For example,

Where all the elements are, the size of the rooms, the views from the house, the vis-a-vis with the other neighbours, the orientation, the space outside.

Whether or not the furniture can fit in a room. In short, everything!

image acheter une maison en Espagne

the bank’s valuation

The property can pass the valuation that the bank in Spain has to make in order to give you the mortgage.

That is, if you need a mortgage, one of the steps the bank must take is to find out the real value of the house. An expert from the bank visits the house and gives it a value. It is true that in the end, this value is almost identical to the purchase price.

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