Discover the most curious places of Madrid

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Discover the most curious places of Madrid

Capital of Spain, Madrid is an exciting and dynamic metropolis to be discovered without moderation. Be careful not to overdo the use of sangria especially during the hot summer months. Little advice for fans of this Spanish nectar.

Good enough, I said Madrid, exciting and dynamic city, housing world-class museums, elegant boulevards, majestic monuments without forgetting its parks, its gastronomy, its bars and restaurants.

And if you scratch the surface, you will discover that the Spanish capital also has a vibrant side, offbeat or even strange.

Discover with me these curious places not to be missed.

1. Chamberí, the phantom station of the Madrid metro

This lost metro station in Madrid is now a museum that traces the era of its inauguration in 1919 with period commercials, wickets and other almost centennial memories.

This strange, unexpected place will immerse you in the history of the Madrid metro for an out of time and out of the ordinary visit.

It is even said that the station would be haunted, so if you feel the soul of a brave explorer, go for it. You will not be disappointed.


2. Enjoy the sunset at Debod Temple

No, you are not dreaming, it is indeed an Egyptian temple in the heart of Madrid.

The temple of Debod dates back to the 2nd century BC. It was given to Spain in 1968 in gratitude for saving the temples of Abu Simbel.

This completely offbeat place is known to be the best place to admire a beautiful sunset in Madrid.

And who knows with a little luck you will meet your Cleopatra or your Caesar.


3. El Retiro Parc



A little place of Paradise in the heart of the great lady. It’s a bit like Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London.

This park is one of the favourite places for tourists and locals to stroll and play sports.

There is a huge artificial lake where you can rent a boat.

Without hesitation come and relax with family or friends and enjoy the nature around why not a good picnic.


4. The Crystal Palace



Out of nowhere, this palace stands in the middle of the green Retiro Park.

Originally, it was built to host an exhibition on the plants of the Philippine islands. Today, this gem of architecture is used for art exhibitions.

It is also one of the most “unstable” places in the city. So all your phones!


5. The coldest bar in Madrid


Who has never dreamed of savouring a delicious cocktail in the middle of the Arctic in an igloo? Well, no longer looking, the Madrid Ice Bar did it.

Between ice sculptures and polar bears, you will experience a unique experience with friends. So all your ice, but not your photos.


6. Atocha Station

You tell me but why visit a station and think again. Atocha station could certainly be the least expected and the most surprising of the many attractions of Madrid.

The interior of the resort was designed by architect Rafael Moneo and is home to a huge green garden with over 500 species of plants and animals.

Atocha station considered the most beautiful station in the world? probably.

But notice to nature lovers, do not forget your train!

7. Airborne accident of the winged body



Madrid is full of impressive statues but perhaps the most unique and the most curious would be a fascinating representation of what might seem to be a fallen Angel.

At number 3 of Calle Milaneses, you will have to look up to observe this very strange bronze statue. That of a man’s body, with wings, recessed his head down.

His sculptor Miguel Angel Ruiz revealed the true meaning in an interview: Ten thousand years ago, a winged man went for a walk and when he returned, flying quietly, he encountered something where he used to land. Meanwhile, a city had sprung up from the ground. This is why its author named it air crash (accident Aereo).

Odd you said weird!


8. The San Miguel Market


After all these amazing visits, it will be time to fill your stomachs. So, look no further and conquer the San Miguel market. Let your taste buds rave about tapas, pastries, hams, seafood and other famous Spanish delights.

The place is not really cheap but it is a place to see.

I wish you a good tasting.


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