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Real Estate in Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Almeria

Click for the Sun is a Spanish company (SPRL) that acts as a real estate consultant on the Costa Blanca, Alicante, Murcia and Almeria regions of Spain. We advise you and take care of everything to help you buy your new home in Spain. We represent more than 70 builders and carefully select all developers who sell residential properties, both key-ready and off-plan.

Our local experience allows us to personally check all the companies we deal with. This allows us to have strict criteria that must be met by all our partners. The process of buying a new home is very simple. Click for the Sun is your ideal partner in the process of buying a new home in Orihuela, Torrevieja, San Pedro del Pinatar, or your preferred area of Costa Blanca, Costa Calida or Costa de Almeria.

It is clear that Spain is a tourist country and the Costa Blanca is the target area for many people from different countries. So, looking at the new build market, we can see that buyer confidence is back on the Costa Blanca. After a great recession that ended in 2012, investor confidence has returned.

As a result, Spanish developers are starting to build new properties but the difference is that they have learned from the mistakes of the past. New and better building and insulation laws have been created as well as better urban development plans, a new wave of architects, new financial laws to protect all investors wishing to acquire a new building in Spain. We have a team exclusively dedicated to clients who are looking for new homes in Spain. Click for the Sun gives good advice to those considering buying a new build propertyin Alicante, Murcia or Almeria coast and highlights the following benefits:

  • You are buying a new modern home with a 10-year structural guarantee.
  • You have a variety of choices and the ability to customise the property to your needs.
  • You benefit from the best prices.
  • The quality of building materials and design has increased significantly. Builders use the latest energy technology. Services and amenities close to home.
  • Builders take care of construction in residential areas. Builders are aware of the needs of foreign customers and we take care of you because Click for the Sun is committed to protecting your investment in Spain.

We have a robust process and structure that ensures we only deal with reputable builders who have the guarantees in place to protect your money. Our support service guides and advises you through all stages of finding your property in Spain.

We are partners with notaries, architects and lawyers. This gives you a full legal service to ensure that the property you buy meets the required standards. Our after sales service helps you after your purchase. It is possible to contact our collaborators such as a furniture shop, an electrician, a carpenter, a plumber, a mason, etc. And most importantly for you, we will always be at your side in Spain!

Buying a house in Spain is much easier than you think, but trust is essential, and we know this. The first thing is to get to know our team so that we can analyse your wishes and your buying criteria. Then we will organise your discovery trip. The purpose of this visit is to show you the properties of your choice with our local expert.

During this visit, we will advise and guide you on all the elements to be considered. This is done free of charge and in French. Finally, we negotiate, sign and explain the purchase contract and payment termsfor your property in Spain.

Click for the Sun has a long history of working with notaries, lawyers and property professionals to provide you with a comprehensive service. Organise the signing of the deed at the notary’s office. Once signed, you are the owner of a property in Spain. Click will always be with you during the process of course. What are the fees for buying a new property in Spain? You have to pay 3 real estate taxes in Spain:

  • Tax on the purchase of the newly built property (national and regional tax): VAT 10% to be paid to the builder AJD (registration fee) 1.5% (Alicante), 2% (Murcia) and 1.5% (Andalusia) to be paid within 30 days after signing the deed at the notary. The notary or your lawyer is responsible for paying this tax.
  • Property tax – Cadastre (local tax): Depends on the area of the property: for information a property worth 200.000€ will cost you 450€ per year.
  • Non-resident tax (national tax): If you rent: 19% on the profit. If you do not rent: 19% of 1,1% or 2% of the cadastral value.

To buy a property in Spain, a house, a villa or a flat, the estimated notary fee is 1.500€. This amount takes into account the notary’s fees, and the registration fees at the land registry. The lawyer’s fee for organising all the management and administrative formalities is 2.000€.

The schedule of payment is set out in the contract for the purchase of your property in Spain. All payments for a property in Spain are made directly from your bank to the builder’s account. These are often flexible on the forms of payment but in general:

A deposit of between 3.000€ and 6.000€ is required to reserve the house. At this point, the house is no longer on the market. It is important to have this amount at hand during your discovery stay so that you can pay with a credit card or bank transfer.

If the property is to be built: firstly, the deposit at the signing of the contract is an amount to be negotiated (normally 50% in several instalments) and the remaining 50% at the signing of the deed at the Spanish notary.

If the house is built 30% at the signature of the contract and the rest at the signature of the notary deed. Payment is made either directly to the builder before signing and after the inspection of the finished house, or with a bank cheque from a Spanish bank.

YES, the price to buy a property in Spain is the same for everyone. If you find a different price it is because it is a different property in the same complex where the price is not updated.

Properties in Spain are priced according to area and orientation. Some agencies inform you of a lower price to attract and sell you something different. Click for the Sun has a policy of transparency and always informs you in advance of the actual availability of apartments, houses and villas for sale in the Spanish market.

You will need the following documents:

  • Identity card and Spanish Tax Identification Number (NIE).
  • Proof of payment to the manufacturer with the IBAN of your account.

Of course, we will help you to produce these documents.

Nothing for you. It’s very simple, our services are paid for by the manufacturer.

At Click for the Sun, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our customers based on trust.

You will need the following documents: Identity card and Spanish Tax Identification Number (NIE). Under the anti-money laundering directive, each bank has its own requirements for opening a bank account. In general, they will ask you to prove your residence abroad. You can prove this with a copy of an electricity or water bill. You must also prove the source of the funds used to buy your property in Spain.

All charges for electricity, water, fire insurance, property tax, non-resident tax, TV and internet are to be paid by direct debit. However, it is not necessary to open a bank account in Spain. The direct debit of expenses in Spain can be done on your account in your country. You can access your Spanish bank account on the internet and Click for the Sun makes it easy for you to receive your bills.

Yes, fire insurance is required to cover the building and contents of your property. Click for the Sun is the exclusive agent for Liberty Insurance Company and will handle your insurance directly. Again, no intermediaries.

Costa Blanca is considered one of the best places to invest in new property in Spain with its contemporary style. You can find exactly what you are looking for. There are 2 airports within 80 km of Alicante and San Javier (Murcia). The flight time is about 2 hours from Belgium. The region has a magnificent sunshine of 300 sunny days per year, extraordinary Mediterranean gastronomy, beautiful beaches with fine sand, friendly people used to tourists, lower purchase prices and favourable Spanish taxation. In short, an unbeatable quality of life.

Click for the Sun guides and advises you in the adventure of buying your new build apartment, villa or house in Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa Almeria, because we took the same step as you 35 years ago, and we know your fears, problems, questions, and requirements.

It is a fact that buildings in Spain are not like at home so don’t expect to have the same size and facilities in houses or flats. In Spain everyone will tell you that life is outside and especially in the coastal areas where there is more demand, the apartments for sale are normally 2 bedroom 2 bathroom holiday flats with a built up area of around 70 m2. Penthouses and 3 bedroom flats are always the most in demand and the first to be sold.

There is also a tendency to build small terraced or semi-detached houses close to the town centre with all the amenities, sometimes even with a swimming pool in villages such as San Pero del Pinatar, Bigastro or Pilar de la Horadada. The unique characteristics of the south of Spain on the Costa Blanca South allow us to find you a property in Spain near the sea, on a golf course, a house near the town centre or a villa with a swimming pool that fully meets your criteria.

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Real Estate in Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Almeria

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