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image Le formulaire de contrôle Sanitaire Espagne

The Health Control form: how to obtain the QR code to enter Spain


First of all

You should know that the health control form is only for entering Spain by plane or boat. If you come to Spain by car, you do not need the form.

Another important thing is that you have to inform the seat number on the plane. If you don’t get the boarding pass (or the seat number on the plane) on the internet, you can’t get the FCS QR code from here.

Click for the sun is a real estate agency that sells new houses and apartments in Spain. Here is some precise information on how to obtain the FCS health check form


1 First thing to do to get the sanitary control form

You must visit the Spanish website of Spain Travel Health and put the page in English


image Health Control form


2 You must click on “new form”.

You can fill in the form individually or as a family

To create your FCS form, fill in all the fields. Name, surname, passport number, flight number, arrival date, email and send the certificate. You can find the “Send” button below.


image Health Control form


3 You will quickly receive a letter

To the email address, you have provided, containing a security code and a link to create the form associated with your trip and obtain your QR code.

image email-formulaire-de-contrôle-sanitaire

4 Click on the email link you received

and fill in your passport number and the security code you received in the email.


image formulaire-de-contrôle-sanitaire



5 Now, you have to create a new health control form.

All the data that you have filled in before will be established in this new form, and you will have to indicate new data, such as: telephone number, address in Spain, date of birth, etc



6 journey data

This is an important step. Here you have to indicate the seat number of your flight. If you don’t have the flight seat number, you can’t follow the journey. To get the flight number, you have to invoice your trip on the airline’s website. If you don’t bill online before you travel, because you do it at the airport, you can’t get the QR code before.

image Health Control form


7 travel history

The next stage of the Health Check form will be blocked until 48 hours before you arrive in Spain.

They block the form automatically because they need your answers to be as close as possible to your travel date to protect your health and that of others best.

Your travel form has been registered. You can continue this form 48 hours before you arrive in Spain, using the link sent to your e-mail or our home page with the “Continue form” button. You will be able to obtain your QR code after the validation of the complete form.

image fcs formulaire-de-contrôle-sanitaire-code qr


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