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Rising from a small fishing village, Benidorm has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular beach-sides in all of Europe. Lying on the Spanish coast aka Costa Blanca, Benidorm is at a distance of 41 kilometers from Alicante.

Most people are not aware of the existence of this versatile tourist destination, However, thanks to the appearance of the sitcom on popular British sitcoms, it is rapidly gaining popularity.

Today, we are going to cover the essentials of Benidorm and the reasons why you should start packing your bags to visit it.


The beach-life:  

On the Costa Blanca North Benidorm offers some of the most spectacular beaches in all of Europe. Placed on a highland that separates its most extensive beaches, Levante beach on the new side of the city and the Poinete beach on the old site of the town is the main highlights when visiting the town. Moreover, it also has smaller beaches such as Mas Pal. All of them offer 5-star restaurants that provide top-notch services and are also extremely cozy. The right time to visit the beaches is definitely the summers. The beaches offer relaxed atmosphere and fresh air that is rejuvenating for the soul.


Right time to visit:

Dutch, Belgian and British tourists are the most common visitors to Benidorm. It is primarily known as a relaxation spot for the elderly in the winters; however, due to the beaches and night-life, party-goers choose summers to dive into the sea-water and get drunk at the clubs. The city never sleeps, just like New-York, and for that reason, it is also nick-named as BeniYork. The place is filled with all kinds of people and is also friendly to LGBTQ communities.


The Old Town of Benidorm:

The Old-Town may sound like a boring place to visit, but it is exquisite and with all honesty, is the most beautiful part of Benidorm. The beaches and the walks through the narrow streets give you the perfect-tourist experience that you are looking for. You can cherish the beauty of the charming buildings or city down on a terrace to delicious a glass of wine. Moreover, if you are someone who loves watching the sunset, make sure you don’t miss it out from the old town. And as the evening over-shadows the old-town, musicians are out on the city to entertain you, and the streets are filled with vendors offering you the delights you would want to keep coming back to.

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The New-City:  

On the other side of the Old-City is the new city, to give you a complete high-life experience. The New-City is filled with over 300 beautiful sky-scrapers, full, spacious streets and restaurants that offer the freedom to truly enjoy the city. This part of the city is a must-visit to enjoy the modern landscape that Benidorm offers.



Benidorm is truly an authentic foodie heaven. The best place to find authentic Benidorm food is in the old city. You can find a range variation in cuisines as well, some of the most popular cuisine options include Spanish, English, Dutch, Algerian as well as French. You can even get your hands on some classic local food such as the jamón and also visit the tapa bars and enjoy the local wine found famously in Jalón valley.

With so many tourists coming in, the diversity in food joints offers the perfect diversity to grab a bite. There is a number of dining options available ranging from easy fast food to comprehensive cuisines.



City of Benidorm is the perfect spot for a family vacation. Despite all its clubs and roaring night-life, the city is also very family-friendly. Every year, Benidorm organizes three, must-visit, family-friendly theme events. These activities can be enjoyed by members of all ages in the family. The list of possible activities includes shopping, carnivals and more.


Natural sights 

A lovely landscape surrounds Benidorm. Even though the city is a host to many tall buildings, it is not difficult to make your way out of the city life and into the old picturesque architecture. You can indulge yourself in nature and safely walk around on foot or bike as well. The natural beauty of Benidorm will leave you awestruck.

The east of the city has a park named Helada Natural park that offers you the best intimacy with nature and splendid sights. The mix of the beach, coast, the skyline, and the sunsets are just breathtaking.

North side of the city holds the eye-pleasing landscape of the Sierra Cortina mountains as well as the Leon Dormido mountains and much more that comes with the sight-seeing tour.


Benidorm truly has so much to offer that you will be encompassed by the beauty of the city during your visit. The people are welcome and the views are breathtaking. So the only question that matters is; What are you waiting for?


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