Installation of solar panels on the Costa Blanca

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installing solar panels on your home

Installation of solar panels on the Costa Blanca


It is strange that solar energy is not as popular as in Northern Europe in a country like Spain, which is blessed with sunshine almost all year round. Many customers buy a house in the Costa Blanca and ask for the installation of solar panels on the Costa Blanca. And at Click for the Sun, we have the answer.

The self-consumption of electricity is gaining more and more followers because customers realise that they can have their energy for free, not to mention the benefits for environmental sustainability. “But also the current circumstances, such as the increase in electricity prices, subsidies granted by the public administration or regulatory changes, are causing an exponential increase in solar installations on roofs, both in homes and in industrial buildings”, explains Antonio Bernabeu, engineer of the Industrial and Environmental Technical Area of FEMPA.

As a result, many companies are starting to install solar panels on the Costa Blanca, but did you know that only authorised companies are legal?

Advantages of installing solar panels on a house

Instalación de panneaux solaire a la communauté valenciennes


The use of renewable energy, obtained from a natural source, in this case, the sun, allows the user to control the installation, its consumption and the savings made.

In addition, photovoltaic panels are silent and do not produce any type of noise, which makes them very suitable for urban and residential areas.

Above all, solar energy is unlimited, clean, ecological, cheap and does not emit CO2.

Not to mention that in less than 10 years, the solar panels have paid for themselves through the savings generated in the bill, and once this time has elapsed, the installation allows an annual saving of about €1,000 in electricity for a standard installation of 3 kWp installed.

However, the installation of solar panels at home or in a company, a straightforward task in principle, must be carried out by qualified installation companies registered in the industrial register and meet the requirements demanded by the Conselleria de Industria. It should be noted that “we are dealing with a lucrative sector which, given the increase in demand for the product, is giving rise to the appearance of fraudulent companies”, says the expert, who installed this type of system, thus promoting “labour intrusion”, as well as risks to the safety of the installer and, of course, the client who uses their services.


How can I identify fraudulent companies in the field of solar panel installation in the Costa Blanca?


installing solar panels on your home

These are unqualified companies that are not registered and do not issue the necessary and compulsory documents for the legalisation of the installation. However, they are not so easy to identify at first sight, and many users make the mistake of realising this when they have already contracted their services.
It is therefore essential to find out beforehand to differentiate them from legal and authorised solar panel installation companies.

People interested in installing solar panels in their business or home should pay attention to the following aspects in order to recognise those authorised companies that respect the regulations:

Here are 4 tips to avoid being ripped off

  1. Identify the installer: Qualified companies have liability insurance and the authorisation to certify. These companies provide work planning, training and information to their workers, especially regarding working at height, sloping roofs and using PPE correctly.
  2. The legalisation of installations: The installers or owners of the facilities apply for the municipal works licence before the work is carried out, and once the installation has been carried out, the installer processes the Electrical Installation Certification (CIE) before the Department of Industry and Energy, guaranteeing that the facility meets the requirements set out in the low voltage regulations.
  3. Financial support: Solar panels installed by qualified companies are eligible for public support through Next Generation funds or regional grants. In many cases, these subsidies pay for the installation at a lower amount than the customer previously paid on their electricity bill. However, an installation that is not certified cannot benefit from this financial support.
  4. It is essential to know that many local councils are starting to act with drones or rooftop patrols and if they detect that they do not have planning permission, the user is asked to regularise the installation, presenting the installation project signed by an engineer or the responsible declaration, as the case may be, and proof of payment of the municipal tax,” explains the engineer. “Failure to submit the required documents will result in penalties. In addition, the electricity meters register if there is a surplus even if it has not been legalised, which by law must be reported to the Ministry of Industry and Energy,” explains Bernabeu.

Where can I find approved solar panel installers in Alicante?

On the website, an online search engine for approved professionals created with the support of the Diputación Foral of Alicante, you can find approved installers specialising in electricity, telecommunications, plumbing, gas, thermal installations, fire protection, industrial refrigeration, pressure equipment and/or lifts. Once you have chosen the municipality, you must select low voltage installations (this is the regulation that governs this type of photovoltaic installation since 2002).

“We detect a lot of ignorance and people who want to take advantage of the opportunity,” says Bernabeu. That is why FEMPA, in its concern to continue offering qualified training to professionals, offers training courses in this sector and provides information to specialists in the field. The last conference organised by FEMPA was held on 29 June with Iberdrola and Invassat to provide information on this type of installation, the risks it may entail, and the responsibilities that the owners of these installations must have.

Did you know that you can deduct up to 8,000€ in your tax return if you are a tax resident in Spain at the Costa Blanca?

In fact, from 01/07/2022, you can request the deduction for the installation of solar panels in the Valencian Community up to 8.000€.

But what are the conditions to have access to the deduction?

  1. To be resident in Spain for tax purposes
  2. Install the solar panels in your usual home.
  3. The installation must be carried out by an authorised installer.
  4. Very importantly, you must have the corresponding accreditation certificate. You must obtain prior recognition from the competent regional administration. In this case, it is the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE), in charge of issuing the certificate.

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