New rules for flying with Ryanair

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image Les nouvelles règles pour voyager avec Ryanair

Limited baggage and cash is prohibited – these are the new rules for flying with Ryanair

There will also be temperature controls, the use of face masks will be compulsory and your meal service on board will be limited.

Starting July 1, Ryanair will launch new mandatory rules and recommendations for passengers that will help prevent any spread of Covid-19. Some are general in nature and similar to those of other airlines, while others, such as the ban on cash payments, are more novel.

Thus, customers must wear face masks or face protection at all times both in terminals and on board aircraft. Similarly, the Ryanair crew must also wear face masks throughout the flight, including boarding and landing.

Passengers are also encouraged to check their temperature before leaving home. Even so, temperature checks will be carried out on all people entering the airport (before check-in / security check). And customers and crew are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and to use sanitizing gels at all airport terminals before boarding.

Ryanair recommends online check-in so that customers already come with boarding passes downloaded through the Ryanair app

In addition, limited baggage deliveries through the bag drop counter at all airports that have this option. Customers will also have to scan their boarding passes themselves. Customers are asked to minimize luggage, preferably two carry-on bags.


Prohibited from queuing and cash

On the other hand, Ryanair recommends the use of the fast track service to reduce waiting times at airport security controls and priority boarding to reduce interaction between passengers.

The low cost will not allow customers to make lines during boarding either by footbridge or by stairs. Neither will it be allowed to queue to go to the bathroom during the trip. Cash is also prohibited. Thus, payments can only be made by card for all flight purchases and airport fees / charges.

Ryanair will limit its on-board dining service, offering prepackaged food and beverages. Additionally, Ryanair’s Runway Retail flight magazine will only be available in the Ryanair app.

All of the airline’s aircraft are disinfected daily with hospital-grade disinfectant chemicals, effective for more than 24 hours. Ryanair’s fleet is equipped with a state-of-the-art filter system, which removes airborne particles and recycles airflow every 3-4 minutes, the Irish airline recalls in a statement.


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