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When is the best time in 2023 to buy Properties in Spain for sale?


Autumn is the best month to buy a house in Spain. Summer is the worst season to buy properties in Spain for sale.

Is it a good idea to buy a home in Spain in 2023?

Inflation, rising interest rates and Euribor are expected to cause sales to fall by between 12% and 15% and house prices to fall by around 5%, predicts Idealista. However, experts agree that the market will slow down but will also remain stable in 2023. Said the real estate portal. For all ex-pats looking or about to start looking for a new home. Idealista explains the best times of the year to buy a home in Spain are.

Autumn is the best month to buy


Autumn is an excellent time to buy properties in Spain for sale. After the summer, the offer decreases and the price increases, and autumn arrives and the offer increases. “According to several studies, the most recommended month to buy a home is October,” explains Idealista. “Because there are more new homes and prices have fallen. In addition, at this time, “the financing conditions of financial institutions are generally good. As they are in the last quarter of the year and want to achieve their goals for the year,” added the real estate portal. It’s funny but black Friday is the best time to buy for the big offer the builder makes

Springs is a busy period.


Spring is a very mobile and competitive time of year, and with good weather, more people book appointments to view properties. “First-time buyers looking at the second-hand market choose this time of year because it’s a good time to plan a move. They can have holidays to book their trip in Spain. Second home buyers, on the other hand, are looking for a place to entertain in the summer,” said the property portal Hjemmesiden explained. The advantages and disadvantages of buying a house are to be found in winter. On the one hand, the offers available in these months relate to goods sold that year. So it is easier to negotiate a discount. However, household finances are often not at their best due to Christmas holiday spending and January expenses.


Summer is the worst season to buy properties in Spain for sale.


On the other hand, the worst time to invest in housing is during the summer. Idealista points out that the number of homes sold this season has been lower than the rest of the year, partly because many properties were being used as holiday homes. This situation has led to a general increase in prices. Also, considering family finances, household expenses tend to rise during the holidays, so it might not be the best time to buy a home. “Obviously, the summer months are a good time to explore the market and see what bargains are available,” advises Idealista. But the real estate market in Summer is less busy because many people use their properties and builder use to go on holidays.

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