Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort Spain

Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort

Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort


In Spain, there are many residential resorts with golf courses, primarily on Costa Calida and Costa Blanca. Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort redefine the concept of a resort in this part of the Mediterranean, a word that broadens the horizon and is full of possibilities. With a vast central green area for all residents to enjoy as if you were in an infinite garden.

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Welcome to a place for you, the infinite blue. Discover a life without limits.


A unique place to live

Santa Resalía Lake and Life Resort is located less than 4 km from Mar Menor in the region of Murcia, a haven of peace where you can live in total freedom. Between the towns of Los Alcazares and Torre-Pacheco with easy access to the Mediterranean highway.

You have two airports within one hour. In Alicante and Murcia.

A landscaped area of 124.000 square meters to enjoy the outdoor life. With sports and leisure areas to delight and entertain the whole family.
Green areas are five times larger than recommended by the World Health Organization.


Houses for sale Santa Rosalia


Maisons à vendre Santa Rosalia

The conceptual architecture of the houses and the high-quality standards give the complex a harmonious appearance.

The architectural indoor-outdoor flow is a design priority, providing a permanent link to the natural beauty of the
landscaped areas.

Stroll, eat, sunbathe or relax in the great outdoors; Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort is an intimate and comfortable place where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the world and tourism behind.

With excellent amenities for both full-time residents and vacationers, it’s a whole new world, just a stone’s throw from everything you could need.

The different houses are arranged around this spectacular park, exclusively for the owners, set around a spectacular lake with crystal clear waters. At Santa Resalía Lake and Life Resort, you will find contemporary flats, bungalows and villas for sale.

A design and layout that merges modern architecture, nature and luxury.


La Reserva


Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort

The central point of the complex is La Reserva, a splendid garden with different areas where you can enjoy nature, sports and leisure, an area designed to blend harmoniously with the natural environment.

The jewel in La Reserva’s crown the ideal place to relax in the sun, and cool off in the turquoise waters.
The jewel in the crown of La Reserva, the ideal place to relax in the sun, cool off in the turquoise waters, exercise, spend the day with family and friends, have a beer with friends or enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.
The lake, with over 16,000 square metres of crystal blue water, is the largest lake in Europe.
The lake, with over 16,000 square metres of sparkling water, is the largest artificial lake in Europe.

Can you imaging be surrounded by crystal clear water?


Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort

A huge garden divided into different zones with attractions where residents can relax and spend time with
family and friends.
All paths lead to La Reserva, the heart of the resort. The resort is full of life and community spirit. Life in the resort revolves around the lake,

You’ll find beautiful gardens and playgrounds throughout the resort, with outdoor attractions on your doorstep.
Over five kilometres of running and cycling paths and tracks criss-cross the site. The outlying paths are linked with those of La Reserva so that you can choose a different route each day.

There is a unique area where pets can run and play freely.

In addition, there is a 35,000 square metre independent commercial area on-site with direct access from the road and from the complex itself. Relax and don’t worry.

The Islands of Santa Rosalia

There are two islands crowned by palm trees palm trees. Imagine being surrounded by water of crystal clear water.


Nestled between the beach club and the west-facing beach is the jetty. A place to take a kayak or paddle surf on the lake, or simply gaze out over the water to watch the beautiful sunsets.

Beach volleyball


Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort

Beach volleyball is one of the trendiest sports in the world. Play with your friends, keep fit and
and enjoy the good weather. Our beaches have the perfect space for toddlers.

Leisure areas

There are recreational areas where you can do whatever you want around the lake. How about a voga by the sparkling blue water, or a romantic or family picnic at dusk.

The Beach Club is the perfect place to meet for leisure activities or dinner in the resort.

The Santa Rosalía Beach Club offers spectacular views of the lake and leads directly onto the beach, with its relaxing terrace and play and relaxation areas for children and adults.
This is where some of the activities such as beach volleyball, kayaking, Adventure Golf and petanque tournaments are held.
It is the perfect place to have a beer, lunch, dinner or a glass of wine with friends,

There’s a gym to keep fit and a coworking space with everything you need without stepping outside of paradise.

Leave the outside world behind, and feel safe all the time. all the time, radiate well-being and joy. Make every day an unforgettable day, and live the life you deserve. When you come to your home, you will always feel like you are starting your holiday.

Santa Rosalía and La Reserva belong together, and the people here are a
community. There are long paths for walking and cycling and opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as Adventure Golf, DiscGolf, and yoga.

Or simply relax with a book.

There are many activities of all kinds that will delight all ages, always focused on the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the complex.

When night falls, the fun continues with Mediterranean cuisine, cocktails or evening walks, breathing in the scent of the aromatic trees.



Santa Rosalía Lake and life Resort

The beaches facing south, east and west are ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean sun, with white sand
powdery white sand between your toes, refreshed by cool water or a lake that belongs to paradise.
There are areas reserved for peaceful swimming, separate from the
the water sports area.

An Eco-friendly Park

There are approximately 4,000 trees in the Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort, mainly native Mediterranean species, irrigated by a high-tech water collection system that makes it a sustainable living space.

Thanks to the Crystal Lagoons technology, this beautiful lake is a beautiful turquoise colour.
turquoise colour.

The lake uses Crystal Lagoons technology, the world leader in filtration for large lakes and swimming lagoons.
and swimming lagoons.

This revolutionary technology is the most efficient in the world and ensures that the lake uses only half the water normally used for a park of the same size and 30 times less than that needed for an 18-hole golf course.

It has a closed-loop system that purifies and reuses water, so there is no need to replenish the water resource
beyond evaporation.

The filtration technology uses up to 100 times less chemicals than those used in conventional pools.
It consumes only 2% of the energy required by conventional pool filtration systems.



The 700,000 square metre site is protected by a perimeter fence. 24-hour access control and security services ensure the safety of the site. Because security means peace of mind, whether you are at home or on the move.
Architecture and design merge to create a Mediterranean essence.

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