Tips for buying cheap airline tickets

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Tips for buying cheap airline tickets

These tips will help you find cheap airline tickets and save money. Here are some tips for buying cheap airline tickets

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If you are going to fly it is advisable to start thinking about all the important elements to buy your plane ticket, pre-planning is even more necessary, as it will largely depend on the price we end up paying for the tickets.

And it is in all that passengers fly the same way, airfares vary depending on many variables that need to be taken into account and can save you money and pay less for your airfares.

So, considering how to get a better flight price and save money is not asking for a miracle, but simply taking into account a number of factors and applying them in your search.

In recent times, of course, there has been a proliferation of specialist websites that compare flight prices between different airlines. When comparing prices, we need to make sure that the different airlines include in the total cost the same concepts as the baggage service conditions on board.

The problem with these comparators, however, is that they don’t always show all the airlines and sometimes the airfares are not up to date.

Therefore, after getting the search results, it is advisable to check the website of the airline in question to see if we have offered a better price.

Flight comparator

Airline companies on the Costa Blanca

In these lines we show you a series of tips and tricks to help you pay less for your air tickets.

Buy the ticket yourself

If possible, try to avoid travel agencies. This way, you will avoid a broker charging a commission and therefore increasing the price you pay for your ticket.

Choose departure dates

Flexibility of travel is one of the top criteria for cheap prices when looking for a flight. If the airline’s website allows you to do almost anything, you should use the option of choosing different dates. If you don’t need to fly on a particular day, this flexibility can help save up to 50% on the ticket price.

Know the “cheaper” times.

When buying a flight ticket, you should know that the price also depends on the time of day in which we fly. In this sense, the first flights or nights are the cheapest, while the price increases on the lunch and evening routes.

As the calendar influences the price of air tickets, so does the day of our flight. In this case, flights on Mondays, Fridays and weekends are usually more expensive. Instead, the price is reduced if we choose to fly between Tuesday and Thursday.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, planning ahead is essential if we are to get the best price for our flights. Ideally, buy your flight between two and three weeks before leaving if our destination is domestic. For international destinations, the time frame is different. For example, according to Skyscanner, if you are flying to Spain, you should book your tickets seven weeks in advance. Four in the case of Italy, and up to 21 days if you’re flying to the US.

Tips for buying cheap airline tickets

Secondary airports are generally further from the centre of major cities than large international airports, but in return offer lower fares that allow travellers to pay less for their tickets. In any case, it is advisable to plan the trip well and consider how we get from the airport to the city centre (taxi, bus, train, metro …). Sometimes the cost of travel to the city can’comerse ‘savings made by using a given airport.

For example the official taxi prices at Alicante airport are:

Intercity journey
Destination    Ordinary fare      Special fare
Alicante                  19                        € 21
Altea                     € 74                      € 83
Benidorm           € 67                       € 74
Calpe                   € 85                       € 95
El Campello       € 35                       € 38
Denia                  €114                      € 130
Elche                    €23                      € 25
Santa Pola          €22                      € 24
Torrevieja           €52                      € 60
Villajoyosa          €57                      € 66
Luggage in air tickets

When buying a plane ticket, it is important to the small letter and in particular the conditions of the luggage, several airlines choose to display the prices excluding transport any luggage. This way we will avoid unpleasant surprises in the final bill.

Points programme

Frequent flyers have an excellent option to get cheaper flight programs with airline points, aiming to build customer loyalty. Some airlines also have the possibility to use own credit cards with which you can get discounts.

Airline newsletter

Some will find them spam, but you sign up via mail notifications of airlines can make specific offers that can meet our preferences and, above all, in our pocket.

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