Torrevieja and its beaches

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Torrevieja et ses plages

Torrevieja and its beaches


The well-known town of Torrevieja was once a fisherman’s town. It is located on the Mediterranean coast in the south of the province of Alicante in south-eastern Spain. Torrevieja’s climate and its beaches are part of why people love Torrevieja. Costa Blanca is known for its beaches, its gastronomy and its real estate. Torrevieja is, together with Benidorm, the best known of the Spanish coast. The beaches of Torrevieja are relatively small but with all the amenities within walking distance, including bars, restaurants and shops.


The Acequion beach (La playa del Acequion)


plage de l'acequion torrevieja Grande

Located in the neighbourhood of the same name, Acequion means large, fast-flowing ditch or stream. In fact, the Acequion de Torrevieja is a small stream that comes from the Torrevieja salt mines and flows into the sea. The beach of the Acequion is in the port of Torrevieja, with views of the three seas. It is 600 metres long and between 10 and 40 metres of reed. During July and August, it is very crowded. Acequion beach is ideal for children and the whole family. Boats can drop anchor in the harbour bay. You can also enjoy water sports such as jet-skiing, recreational boats, paddle-surfing, fly-boarding, etc.

 Cala Ferris in Torrevieja


This is our favourite, Cala Ferris, a tiny beach between Torrevieja and Punta Prima located in the palmeral of Torrevieja next to the urbanisation Rocio del mar. Very well known by the people of Torrevieja but not overcrowded with tourists. Green and natural area, easy access by a small path and also easy to park the car. Spent a pleasant day in Calla Ferris and booked a table at the Nautilus restaurant.


Beach in the centre of Torrevieja


plage centre de torrevieja 1 Grande

Right in the centre of town, by the promenade, you will find these small beaches which are a delight for the owners of the flats in Torrevieja town centre. All the amenities of the town centre and the beach within walking distance. Not bad, eh?


The beach of the fools (La playa de los Locos)


The Beach is open to the Mediterranean, 1.5 kilometres long. Very busy during the summer holidays but empty during the winter. Boat and pedal boat hire available.


The Curate’s Beach (La playa del Cura)


The playa del Cura in Torrevieja is a beach located in the centre of the town, along the promenade. Logically it is also very crowded in summer. There are small fountains to wash your feet. The town hall cleans all the beaches very early in the morning. It is rather difficult to park, and the people who come to this beach are holidaymakers from the buildings near the sea. Along the promenade, you have all kinds of cafes, restaurants and shops.


The beach of La Mata (La playa de la Mata)


This is the longest beach in Torrevieja, with more than 3 kilometres in length. Easy access and easy to park the car here is a great beach to enjoy the Mediterranean water, a good paella in the several seaside bars and the sun.

The dog beach in Torrevieja


The dog beach of Torrevieja is a rocky area located between Cala Ferris and the urbanisation of Rocío del Mar. Your dog will be free to run around and relieve itself in complete freedom, without a leash, without anyone around.


The castaway beach (La playa de los náufragos)


This beach outside the port of Torrevieja is known for its many young people and activities for the little ones.


The jacks of Torrevieja


Torrevieja et ses plages Torrevieja et ses plages


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