Who buy more properties in Spain?

image Qui achète le plus d'immobilier en Espagne?

Yes you know it, BRITISH obviously!!

The power of foreigners to buy properties in Spain is increasing AGAIN and AGAIN, as shown in different agencies statistics such as the General Council of Notaries or the Association of land Registrars. These institutions ensure the increased properties demand by foreign buyers has been one of the dynamic factors most relevant for the real estate market and in fact for the Spanish economy. The British have the honour to be on TOP Spanish home buyers, followed by French and German.

In the first quarter of 2016 , foreigners houses purchase continued to have a strong influence in the Spanish properties market although it has presented a slight decline, having a weight of 12.93%, compared to the peak in the fourth quarter of 2015 with 14.38%. However, registrars attribute this decline to a cyclical aspect of the first quarters of the year, as they usually have a record of purchases below the rest of the year properties sales.

The breakdown of results by nationality of the buyer differs little from previous quarters. Headlining the annual results, as usual, British with 22.35%, exceeding the 21.34% annual income for the quarter past.

They are followed by France with 8.18% (versus 8.72% last year), Germans 7.14% (versus 7.33% in 2015), Sweden with 6.09% (5.89 %), who advance to Belgian, passing fifth with 5.95% (6.26%), Italians with 4.57% (4.68%), China with 3.98% (3, 97%), Romanians 3.94% (3.73%), Russians, descending a position to achieve a result of 3.25% (versus 3.81% previously), and Norwegians with 2, 80% (3.00%), which closed the first ten positions.

According to recorders, these results of houses sale in Spain by foreigners “allow positive expectations regarding the continuity of foreigners properties Spanish demand, maintaining its dynamic role in the Spanish property market expected a smaller relative weight as a result of the revival of domestic demand, but with similar amounts or even slightly higher in terms of a number of house purchases.

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