Why retire on the Costa Blanca?

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image Pourquoi prendre sa retraite sur la Costa Blanca

Why retire on the Costa Blanca?


Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida, these are the words that make you dream…Heavenly beaches, an exceptional climate, tapas bars at the corner of every street…What more could you ask for? Why retire on the Costa Blanca

Who hasn’t dreamt of living in a little piece of paradise all year round? Well… on the Costa Blanca and the Costa Cálida it is possible.

Your retirement is approaching fast and you will finally be able to enjoy your life to the full. No more metro, work, sleep…finally, the sweetness of idleness opens up to you…Finally, indulge yourself, pamper yourself, take the time to live, to breathe….
So there’s no need to hesitate.

Here are 10 good reasons to come and spend your retirement on these splendid Spanish coasts.

image Pourquoi prendre sa retraite sur la Costa Blanca

1 -Sun, sun and more sun 300 days of sunshine a year.
“It’s good for your morale, it’s good for your morale, it’s good good good, it’s good good good” a little familiar tune and here we are humming thinking about these happy days that are opening up to you.

2 – Fine sandy beaches, warm crystal clear water…tatatatata!!! you can already see yourself there, can’t you?
Prepare your beach bag, a towel or deckchair, a pot of sun cream, sunglasses and you are off to conquer the seaside. Recover your youth, stroll around and enjoy all the little pleasures that are offered to you.

3 – Splendid landscapes combining modernity and tradition.
Between the sea and the mountains, you can enjoy a wide variety of fauna and flora and visit a large number of protected sites.

4 -The proximity to France and to your families. If you want to leave for a better quality of life but at the same time want to keep a strong link with your French roots and be able to return easily and quickly, then Spain is the ideal destination.
Your children and grandchildren can also visit you easily and enjoy the ideal setting for a few days holiday.
(Easy access by roads, often free of charge, TGV access via Madrid, international airports of Valencia and Alicante with many connections to France. Numerous low-cost airlines)

5 -An important detail: a cost of living that is 20% lower than in France. So obviously this makes you think very seriously. The lower cost of living also means a very attractive property offer in terms of quality and price.

It is quite possible to buy a beautiful flat or a small house for almost three times less than in France.

If you wish to buy a property on the Costa Blanca or the Costa Cálida, our agency Click for the sun will be there to advise you, to help you find your favourite property and to accompany you in all your steps and in complete safety.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our specialists will be happy to listen to you.

6 – Restaurants, terraces and tapas bars as far as the eye can see. Renowned and tasty gastronomy. For gourmets and lovers of good food.
Patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, chorizo al vino, jamón Serrano, calamares… and many other local specialities. And your taste buds will start to tingle!

image Pourquoi prendre sa retraite sur la Costa Blanca

7 – A very low level of delinquency, which is reassuring, to say the least. What a luxury to be able to retire in peace and security!

8 – And as far as the health system and access to care are concerned, no need to panic.
Thanks to the European Health Card, you will be able to receive treatment without any problems and have access to the best medical care.

9 -You will find your youthfulness in Spain because Spain is without a doubt the country of sports par excellence. Spaniards love to practice all kinds of sports: cycling, running, walking, rollerblading (yes, why not!), dancing, gym, football…set off to conquer eternal life and recharge your batteries. After all, you deserve it!

image Investissement immobilier Alicante

10 – Rich and numerous cultural activities. Beautiful art exhibitions, beautiful castles to visit, splendid museums, magnificent cathedrals. Not to mention the countless traditional Spanish festivals which will offer you an amazing and prestigious show for the greatest pleasure of your eyes and ears.

image Investissement immobilier Alicante

So yes! For all these reasons, the Costa Blanca of Alicante and the Costa Cálida of Murcia are the perfect places to retire and invest in Alicante. You will have a wide choice of towns to discover and you will undoubtedly find your own home.

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